REVIEW: Meridian nut bars (Palm oil free)

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good snack bar. They’re just so convenient!  

The other day I was in Holland and Barrett and I stumbled upon the peanut and coconut bar. Needless to say it sounded too good that I didn’t even wait to get out of the store before opening it (hence the lovely backgrounds in the photos). As I took my first bite, it was like biting into a bounty bar but without the chocolate and instead replaced by a peanut taste that was evident but not overpowering. The two flavours complemented each other extremely well! For me it was the perfect mix of peanut and coconut…neither flavour too strong nor weak, and I will 100% be buying this bar again!

After tasting what I would now call one of my favourite snack bars (the peanut and coconut one), I decided to be adventurous and go one step further, so off I went to buy the cashew bar, and peanut and banana bar.

For me the cashew bar was just okay. It was quite bland…so maybe I just like bars with more than one flavour! I would definitely eat it again, but just wouldn’t go out and purposely buy it.

Unfortunately I left my peanut and banana bar for the next day, and when I went to eat it, a little mouse (aka mum) had taken it to work. Obviously it looked too tempting! I asked her how it was and she said the flavour was nice, but that there was nothing too special about it… I guess i’ll just have to wait and see on my next trip to Holland and Barrett.

Meridian do a range of these nut bars, so hopefully by the end of this month I will have tried and tasted all the different flavoured nut bars to determine which ones are keepers!


So, I tried the peanut and banana bar today!! Absolutely loved it! Again, it was the perfect combination of peanut and banana with the flavours bursting through. In fact, it might even top the peanut and coconut. Definitely a keeper!


Love Palm Oil?



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