REVIEW: Stoats raspberry and honey porridge oat bar (palm oil free)

As soon as I saw the two words ‘raspberry’ and ‘honey’ together, I couldn’t resist…


As a porridge lover, when I came across Stoats I was ecstatic. I often run out of time in the morning to make breakfast and leave the house with a hungry tummy, so this brekkie bar is the perfect substitute for breakfast if you’re running late. In fact, I had an assessment day in London today and had a super early start, so I didn’t have time to make breakfast…but this bar certainly did the job! Although they are quite calorific for a bar (231 kcal per bar), this makes it the perfect substitute for breakfast, and as these bars contain solely natural ingredients, you can leave your house knowing you’ve started your day off by filling your tummy with pure naturalness!


The raspberry and honey complement each other like nothing else and with the combination of porridge oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried raspberries and sultanas in the mix, this adds a little texture ensuring the bar isn’t too soft. I’m personally not a fan of sultanas, but you can’t really taste them…so for all you sultana-haters out there, don’t let this dissuade you! The bar is quite sweet and you can really taste the honey. As much as I love the flavour, if I could I would add a few more dried raspberries into the mix (although this may just be because raspberries (and strawberries) are my favourite fruit!

The great thing about this bar (apart from the fact it is palm oil free) is that it doesn’t crumble and leave oats everywhere.  What’s more, these bars are perfect to have in sunny weather as they don’t melt! And if your going on a sunny holiday vacay soon like me and get the munchies, you can add a few to the suitcase (which I will definitely be doing).

I’m extremely curious to see if their other flavoured bars are just as good, so will definitely be buying stoats again!


Love Palm Oil


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