REVIEW: Pip & nut peanut butter squeeze pack (no palm oil)


When I first purchased the Pip & Nut peanut butter squeeze pack I just assumed it was going to have the same consistency as your standard peanut spread, but to my delight it was more of a smooth “sauce” form (don’t worry though, I don’t discriminate… I love peanut butter of all forms and textures!).

These packs are so versatile! You can literally add it to anything (or by itself is just as good)…put it on your popcorn, smother your fruit in it, drizzle it over any cakes, or as I did, on top of porridge and oatmeal banana “cookies”. The combination of porridge with the peanut butter squeeze pack and pumpkin seeds was dreamy…I can’t possibly imagine a better combination. It’s a must try!

I also put some peanut butter goodness in between my baked apple slices to make a delicious peanut butter – apple sandwich!

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste…it wasn’t too sweet, nor too salty, with a strong peanut taste. Also, the consistency wasn’t too viscous, nor too runny.

The small squeeze packs are perfectly proportioned and easy to fit into your handbag (or man-bag) allowing for a perfect snack on any occasion… on your way to work…after a run…or just if you fancy some peanut butter. Also, unlike jars of peanut butter spread, the squeeze pack is designed so you can literally squeeze every last drop of peanut butter out of the packet, a bit like a Frube.

One of my favourite things about this peanut butter squeeze pack is the fact that it is made from solely two ingredients – peanuts and sea salt. So every time I taste the peanut goodness, I can eat guilt-free knowing nothing bad is entering my body. Remember to squeeze the pack before opening it as the oil can naturally separate (although I find it hard to believe that even if I didn’t squeeze the pack I wouldn’t love it just as much)!


Having read about Pip & Nut, I strongly admire their ethos. Apart from the fact they are environmentally aware by being palm oil free, Pip & Nut products contain very few ingredients, with the ingredients used natural and nutritious and no sign of any preservatives or additives.

With other squeeze pack flavours on the market I will definitely be trying these out…I think a trip to the supermarket is due tomorrow!

Love Palm Oil?


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