REVIEW: Divine milk chocolate sharing bar (no palm oil)


Having found out that Divine Chocolate is palm oil free, in my mind the outing was easy… go to the supermarket and buy some divine chocolate. However, on arriving at the chocolate aisle I was faced with a tough decision of what bar to choose from with the many flavours on offer. In the end I went with a classic… milk chocolate…and it’s safe to say that I do not regret this decision one bit!

Having had a major chocolate binge yesterday (don’t worry palm oil free chocolate of course), I decided that today I would take a break from it. However, this was very short-lived. As dessert time approached and my family popped their cookies into the oven, my craving for chocolate kicked in… so off to grab the divine milk chocolate it was.

Before even taking a bite, the first two things I noticed (and loved) were the different engravings on each chocolate rectangle as well as the gold packaging that makes me feel like i’ve won Willy Wonka’s sixth golden ticket…it’s the little things that count though, right?

I absolutely love this chocolate! It’s so smooth and milky and in my opinion the taste isn’t too dissimilar to Galaxy. The name ‘sharing bar’ however is a bit misleading…I could easily demolish this in one sitting. 

I was in the mood for fruit and chocolate, so I thought why not combine the two and ended up with some delicious chocolate and pumpkin seed covered apple bites:


I largely admire Divine’s approach to chocolate making; this Fairtrade company uses no palm oil in their chocolate whatsoever. With 44% of Divine owned by cocoa farmers, this ensures that the Ghanian farmers receive a fair amount for their hard work, as well as additional capital to be invested in their community. Not only has this improved farming skills, but also health, education and sanitation.

It’s safe to say that I will 100% be buying this again (and trying out their other flavours while i’m at it)…divine they most certainly are!


Love Palm Oil?


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