Why not boycott palm oil altogether?

Why not boycott palm oil altogether?…Well there is a clear answer to this.

Palm oil is not only extremely high yielding and versatile with relatively low production costs,  but more importantly is the most productive oil crop. In other words, it requires A LOT less land to produce the same amount of palm oil than alternative oil crops. To put this into context,  palm oil produces 6 times as much as oilseed rape (canola) and 10 times as much as soya bean per hectare.

Therefore, assuming the success of palm oil boycotting, another oil crop would come to the forefront bringing even more destruction to the environment at a significantly higher level.

The demand for palm oil is extremely high with approximately 60 million tonnes of palm oil globally produced every year and exported to approximately 40 countries. As the already high demand for palm oil is expected to increase twofold by 2030 and threefold by 2050, what needs to be done is ensuring palm oil is sourced in an environmentally and socially (and economically) sustainable way.

Available from: https://www.pecad.fas.usda.gov/highlights/2007/12/indonesia_palmoil/


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